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NEW - For Sale  Karn Reed Organ   

Organ made by Karn of Woodstock Canada.
Some of the stops are sticking and one of the pedals is not working,
so in need of some loving care.
Has been in the family since 1938 when it was purchased by my grandfather.
The organ has the following stops;
Diapason 8                          Principle 8
Piano 8                                 Dolce 8
Viola 4                                   Flute 4
Viol D’amor 4                     Welde Flute 4
Contra bass 16                   Violonalla 16
Gamba 16                            Cremona 16
Highland Fife 2                  Coupler
Diapason Forte
Vox Jabelm
Viola Forte

Any offers considered.
Presently located in Wigton, Cumbria

Contact Alan by email or phone 01429 221749

08 02 18
SOLD  Doherty Reed Organ   

For Sale a Doherty Cinderella Organ circa 1900.
Supplied by Crane & Sons Liverpool.
See online catalogue
at this link

Ornate cabinet in walnut.

The stops are......

Bass.. Diapason, Dulciana (Soft), Principle Forte, Bass Coupler.

Treble.. Diapason, Dulciana (Soft), Vox Celeste, Vox Angelica (Soft), Diapason Forte, Treble Coupler and Vox Humana

Plays well.

Bit of trim missing between the pedals.

Located in Stockport Cheshire.

NEW - For Sale  Estey Reed Organ   

An American reed organ by Estey of Vermont which has been restored by our late father.
However as we have no knowledge of the workings of the organ, we are unsure whether it still requires some work.

Measurements are 44” long, 42” high, 21” deep.

Probably circa 1900

With ten stops and in a walnut case.

£150 ono

Collection from near Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

Contact Nicola or Sally


NEW - Wanted  Small Pressure Harmonium  

Looking for small, portable, one to two stops (1-1/2 fine too!), wind pressure harmonium/reed organ.
Not interested in suction types and folding suitcase/box types (unless it's a windpressure harmonium!).
Will consider any condition.
Belgrade, Serbia based buyer will have it moved by an international shipping company.

Send offers with photos to Adrian

Sold  Schoninger Reed Organ with Bells   

An 1890’s Schoninger American reed Organ in an American Walnut case. 
It has 2 ranks of reeds, tremulant, sub base in last octave, coupler, and a set of bells. 
The organ was made around 1890 and all the medals and paperwork are intact. 
This is the only organ of this make with the set of bells.


The case is in need of some love where sections of decoration
have come unstuck over time, but all the pieces have been kept.


£100 or free to a proven good home.


Currently homed in Leigh-on Sea Essex.  Collection only


NEW - For Sale  Schiedmayer Harmonium  

Large Schiedmayer harmonium, labelled ‘Rushworth and Dreaper’ externally,
but ‘J & P Schiedmayer internally. 
Magnificent burr walnut case and tuned to concert pitch. 
Powerful basses and well-differentiated tone colours.
The extra pedale basse adds wonderful  extra grunt to the fat FF chords in the Rossini Petite Messe

All working nicely, and had had a very easy life.  Forced downsizing  means she needs a good new home.

Sourdine basse,  Dolce,  Pedale basse (Dawes in reverse – plays extra 16’ on lowest l.h.note), Forte

4 basson,  3 clairon,  2 bourdon,  1 cor anglais   Expression    Percussion  1 flute  2clarionette  3 flageolet 4 hautbois  
Melodie  Cremona(Dawes)    Cremona   voix celeste   musette


Located in Herefordshire

Contact Bob by email or on
07784 029155

Free to Good Home Sterling Reed Organ  

Solid and handsome Victorian Reed Organ, made by the Sterling Company, Connecticut, USA.

Sold by Heins & Co of Hereford, Brecon & Abergavenny.
Number 62150. Based on known Sterling production, this would be about 1892.

36 white notes, 25 black, 11 stops, plus knee swells and foot pedals.

Stops (left to right): Bass Coupler, Dulcet, Diapason, Hautboy, Principal, Vox Humana, Flute, Violina, Melodia, Echo, Coupler.

We have had it at home for many years. It looks and sounds good
and as far as I can tell, everything works. Originally it would have had
candlestands attached beyond each end of the keyboard, which are missing.

Collect from near Bridgwater in Somerset, UK.
It is large and heavy: 77 inches high x 47 wide x 23 deep:

the top comes off to make it easier to transport:
the main body without the top is 49 inches high x 47 wide x 23 deep.

Contact Daniel   

For Sale  Alexandre Harmonium  

Alexandre Harmonium dated c.1865 but has presentation plaque dated 1872

Stop list:  Forte 3 et 4; Forte; 4 Basson; 3 Clairon; 2 Bourdon; 1 Percussion ou Cor Anglais; 
Grand jeu; Expression; 1 Percussion ou Flute; 2 Clarinette; 3 Fifre; 4 Hautbois;
5 Musette; Celeste; Forte; Forte 3 et 4.

All in working order, but top of case has historic blemishes (see photo).
Woodworm in case was treated 20 years ago.

Dimensions: w 130cm, d 68cm, h 100cm (lid shut).

Heavy item - buyer to collect.  Location: Loftus, Saltburn by the Sea.

Price £325 cash on collection please.

Enquiries to Graeme 

For Sale  Two Manual & Pedal Rushworth & Dreaper Apollo Reed Organ  

Rushworth and Dreaper Apollo reed organ serial number 1291 currently for sale on Ebay - see
See http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162659625901

For Sale  Three Manual & Pedal Reed Organ  

Spencer University Organ, built July 1914. Restored in 1998 (Huivenaar) and 2008 (Porthan)


Manual C–c4 (61 notes), Pedal C–f1 (30 notes), 10 sets of reeds

Solo (III): Seraphone 8', Cremona 8', Violetta 4', Clarinet 16', Forte, Tremolo

Swell (II): Salicional 8', Voix Celeste 8', Oboe 8', Flute 4’, Vox Humana, Forte

Great (I): Diapason 8', Flute d'Amour 8', Principal 4', Trombone 16', Forte

Pedal: Sub Bass 16', Bourdon 16'

Great to Pedal, Swell to Great, Bass Coupler, Treble Coupler

Tutti, Swell II/I, and Swell III

A=453,3 Hz

(width = 146 cm, height = 143 cm, depth = 75 cm without pedal board)

More detailed information at http://tardis.dl.ac.uk/FreeReed/organ_book/node17.html

-Located near Helsinki (Finland)

Price: 9 300 EUR

Please contact Marcel 

Free to Good Home  Two Manual Estey Reed Organ  

Estey Reed Organ in good working condition which nobody in the house plays 
and which is taking up space that I want to reclaim.  It appears to be either an
Estey Philharmonic or Estey Church Organ. Although it has foot pedals,
it is powered by a working electric fan in a wooden enclosure
which is connected by a flexible 4 inch diameter hose to the organ.

There are 13 different stops and a knee operated lever, which increases the volume.

Width = 130cms
Height = 133cms

Depth = 82cms

The stops are listed from left to right on the instrument as follows:
Bourdon 16
Diapson 8
Melodia 8
Flute 4
Aeolian Harp 2
Vox Humana
Swell to Great
Flute 4
Celeste 8
Melodia 8
Diapson 8
Bourdon 16

The organ is located in South Worcestershire, near Jct 2 of M50 motorway. 
I am happy to give this organ to a collector who must arrange collection and removal.

If interested, please email Reg:

For Sale  Cornish Reed Organ  

A working but rather battered harmonium that I hope will give another family as much fun as it has given us.
We are in South Wales, in Swansea. The harmonium came from New York and has the date 1860 inside.
It was the chapel instrument at our local place of worship until it sadly closed twenty years ago.
I rescued it and we have all thoroughly enjoyed playing it, but it is simply taking up too much room now.

Please contact: Tracey 

For Sale  Mason & Hamlin Reed Organ  

Organ does work but seems to be missing some decorated wood around the top.
Located in County Durham
Might be able to drop off if fuel costs are met.


Please contact Derek


SOLD  Mason & Hamlin Reed Organ

 Single keyboard pump organ - made by Mason & Hamlin Organ Company. 

The dimensions are 131 cm wide, 60 deep and 101 high (in imperial 4'3" x 2'1" x 3'31/2").
It is actually an organ I believe (blowing out rather than sucking in).
It's been in the same spot for the last 35 years -  having previously been bought on a whim
by the owner's grandmother and then used mostly as a plant holder for 20 years.

 Stops: auto swell, 1 diapason, 2 viola, vox humana (with separate on and off pulls), 2 flute, 1 melodia, and euphone solo

The organ will need restoring as some of the stops don't work
The fabric between the pedals and bellows has been fixed (with non-traditional pink leather - not visible...)
but it definitely needs some TLC.

Happy to have £30 or offers -
Buyer must collect or arrange collection from SE14, South London as soon as possible.

For Sale  Burdett Reed Organ

Made by the Howard M Cable Company, Chicago, USA supplied by Crane and Sons Ltd.
This organ was bought second hand in 1937 by my grandfather
and has been in the family ever since, currently needing to downsize.

The original mirrored top was removed in the 1960’s due to house move 
however this stunning item would make an iconic feature piece to any room 
or can be reconditioned to fully working order.


Width - (inc handles) 117cm
Height - ground to top of organ 122cm, to top of book rest 129 cm
Depth - 57 cm

Asking Price £30.

Buyer Collects from Scottish Borders

Email Angela

Sold  George Woods Reed Organ

George Woods reed organ £75.

A well made and attractive reed organ with 10 stops as follows:
Diapason, Viola, Sub Bass, Octive Coupler, Tremolo, Forte, Altoline, Vox Humana, Flute, Melodia.

Has quite a flamboyant case with bifolding keyboard cover.
The organ is used daily with a good vacuum system, however probably deserves a little restoration.
Still very playable "as is".
Located 8 miles south of Preston, Lancashire, PR6 7LZ.

For Sale  Two Manual Harmonium

Rare opportunity to purchase a two manual harmonium presently located in North Wales.

Made by John W Reed in London according to the label.
Information on Reed at tardis.dl.ac.uk

Dimensions: approximately width 48" height 41" and depth 37".  
Will need dismantling to go thorugh standard UK doorway
Fairly easy access to road. Some help with dismantling and loading possible.

No obvious sign of woodworm.

Stop list (not in order as some labels are detatched):
 Forte, Sourdine, Bassoon, Dulciana, Expression, Full organ, Clarion, Cor Anglais, Manual Coupler,
Bourdon, Oboe, Flute, Clarinette, Fife, Dulciana, Principal, ???lle, Tremolo and another Forte

Offers and enquiries to Andy or phone 07749795218
Wanted  Reed Organ

Functional portable pedal organ, or harmonium for UK based working musician.

Flexible on price and able to collect uk wide. Please email Joseph  
SOLD  Bell Reed Organ

Dates to about 1894, it still works but does need a little bit of restoration - 
although a good dust would do most of it! 
Still has its candle holders and the fretwork looks complete.
It is a "Parlour Organ" - also known as a "Chapel Organ".  
It was used in the church at Great Swinburne but they now have an electric one…

10 stops including Jenkinsons Patent Coupler


SOLD  Two Manual Reed Organ

Manufactured by J Humphreys & Son of Drummond Street, Euston Square, London UK.   

"I bought it many years ago with a view to bringing it to pristine condition but never had the time.  
It is functional and plays reasonably well."

Stops: Top row (Swell) Principal 4, ?, Diapason 8, gap, ?, Vox Humana, ?, blank, ?, Violoncello 16,
gap, Principal 4, Diapason 8, Vox Celeste 8, Bourdon 16.

Bottom row (Great) ?, Pianissimo 8, ?, Forte, gap, ?, ?, Bass Coupler, Treble Coupler, blank, gap,
Forte, blank, ?, ?.

Unknown (?) stops include: Forte, Flute 4, Melody, Bassoon Oboe 8, Pianissimo 8, Sub Bass 16, Bourdon 16,
and Aeolian Harp 8

It is located in North Lincolnshire in the UK and all I ask for is a nominal £20 and buyer collects.

SOLD  Three Manual & Pedal Reed Organ

Suction reed organ built in 1928/1929 by A.J. Spencer Manchester, UK.
The organ is equipped with a derby wind pump,
plus the original wind supply is still present and in working order. (A lever on the right side).
The organ is in a correct, reasonable, and playable, state but deserves to be properly checked and cleaned!


Manual 3 (SOLO)
Violetta 4 'Cremona 8' Seraphone 8 'Clarionet 16' Forte Tremolo.

Manual 2. (SWELL). Flute 4' Oboe 8' Voix Celeste 8' Salicional 8' Forte 2 Vox Humana.

Manual 1  (Great).
Principal 4 'Diapason 8' Flute d'Amore 8 Trombone 16 Forte 1

Pedal: Sub Bass 16 'Bourdon 16'

Couplers: Great to pedals, Swell to Great, Great sub octave, Great Super Octave

Located in the Netherlands in Arnemuiden (prv: Zeeland)
For Sale Doherty Reed Organ

.....thought to be previously owned by the band Supergrass.
In need of attention, but everything seem to be there....just needs a bit of TLC!
Pickup only from RG8 9QL
Please respond to Chris by email

Note: Also advertised elsewhere

Gone to Good Home Estey Reed Organ

Magnificent Estey organ which must find a new home VERY soon.

History and condition unknown - may need some work.
Stops are from left to right :
sub bass,melodia,dolce,viola,violetta,I forte,vox humana,ll forte,vox jubilante,flute,dulciana,diapason,harmonique (=octave copler).

Currently located in Hounslow. 

Sold Bell Two Manual & Pedal Reed Organ

Bell two manual reed organ with pedal board. 
In full working order and played daily until earlier this year.
Complete with matching stool and electric suction unit.
Bereavement and sale of house forces sale.

Details of the stops can be provided on request.

Currently located in Caterham, Surrey. Price is £150.00.

Reasonable assistance can be provided with delivery for reimbursement of costs (including hire of van).


No Longer Available Scheidmayer Pressure Harmonium

Schiedmayer Pianofortefabrik Stuttgart antique Organ for sale.

Currently located in a Chapel in Gower. Installed in the chapel - approx' - in the 1930's from another church in Gower

Stops: left to right:

S  Sourdine, F Forte, 4 Basson, 3 Clairon, D Dolce, 2 Bourdon, 1 CorAnglais, P Percussion, G Grand Jeu

E Expression, P Percussion, 1 Flute, 2 Clarinette, V Voix Celeste, 3 Flageolet, 4 Hautbois, F Forte, T Tremblant

It is in used condition - relevant to it's age, we understand that it is working condition - again relevant to it's age.

Can be viewed by arrangement. Collection only - Help can be made available to move it.
Payment by arrangement in full before collection - All offers considered - No returns.

Asking price: £700 o.v.n.o.


Free to Good Home Springfield Reed Organ

Made by the Springfield Organ Company, Chicago, USA 

10 stops: 

Diapason 8ft, Dulcet Bass 16ft, Sub Bass 16ft, Forte, Bass Coupler, 

Vox Humana, Treble Coupler, Dulcet Treble 8ft, Vox Celeste 8ft, Melodia 8ft

Knee swells and treadles

Dimensions: 72 inches high, 43 inches wide, 24 inches deep

The upper part (26 inches high) can be removed for transport. 

Has been in the family for 5-10 years. 

Needs work on some of the stops.

It is free to the collector, from Southampton. 

Contact Josh for further details. 

Sold Carpenter Reed Organ

Made in Brattleboro, Vermont circa 1890.

E P Carpenter instruments were 'of very high quality' and 'considered to be some of the finest organs built in America in the Nineteenth Century.'


Probably a chapel organ because of its moderate height, (50" h X 45" w X 22" d) 

and with fretwork on the back of the case as well as the front.

There are knee swells, treadles and an 'aero-dynamic indicator'. 

It is on wheels and has carrying handles.



Vox Humana, Forte,  Treble and Bass couplers,

4' : Principal and Aeoline,

8' : Diapason, Piano, Dulcet, Vox Celeste, Melodia and Echo.

Location Brighton, UK.


SOLD Crane / University Three Manual & Pedal Reed Organ

Rare opportunity to buy a three manual instrument with

concave / parallel pedals (C-F) and electric blower- with original receipt .

146cm wide. 137 cm high. 77cm deep


Bought 23 Sept 1925 and been in the family ever since.

Crane Three Manual Organ with pedals and electric blower.

Also has a matching bench seat.

Three full rows of reeds on each manual and 30 large scale reeds on pedal organ. 23 Stops.

Keyboard and stops entirely closed in with folding top and folding doors fitted with bevelled plate glass.



Owner has original sale documentation and original Crane Organ brochure.


A couple of notes stick. Last tuned/serviced around 2000

More pictures available.

Price £1800 ono

GONE to Good Home Thomas Reed Organ

Canadian reed organ manufactured by Thomas Organ and Piano Company, Woodstock, Ontario.

63in/160cm high, 51in/130cm wide, 21in/54cm deep

5 octaves
Stops L to R:
Diapason 8ft
Bass Coupler
Piano 8ft
Vox Humana
Echo 8ft
Treble Coupler
Melodia 8ft
Knee swells

It does play but you have to pump fast so the bellows probably leak.

Downsizing within the next 4 weeks, and no room in our new place, so free to be collected.

Located near Irthlingborough, Northants

For Sale Doherty Two Manual Reed Organ

Located in Spain.
Two manual Doherty reed organ built in 1908 and restored in 2006.
Details (in Spanish) in pdf attached.

Price 150,000 Euros

Contact Maite Ferrandis

For Sale Harmonium Music Rest & Parts 

Light oak music rest from pressure harmonium.
May be able to post at buyers risk or buyer to collect from Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Price £10

Also Keyboard, stop mechanism with knobs, reeds (8ft and 16ft) and reed pan with pallets from Christophe and Etienne pressure harmonium available - make me a sensible offer. Porcelain labels good except for "Expression" which is badly damaged.

Christophe and Etienne porcelain label available.

Contact Chris

GONE to Good Home Crown Reed Organ

Crown Organ, circa early 1900s, bought from a church in Iver, Bucks and restored to full working condition.
Has been used in family home for 30 odd years,
but now need to find a new owner due to downsizing, hence offering for free.
Organ has 10 stops, knee swells and treadles

Size is, very roughly, 55" high, 50" wide and 23" deep

Location of organ is central Slough and would need to be collected.
GONE to Good Home  
Sterling Reed Organ

Attractive Victorian organ made by the Sterling Company, Conn, USA in the 1880s I think – stamped number W.L28251.

11 stops, knee swells, treadles, with 25 black and 36 white notes.

Stops are: Bass Coupler, Dulcet, Diapason, Hautboy, Principal, Vox Humana, Flute, Violina, Melodia, Echo, Coupler

Height 78 inches, width 52 (with candlestick stands), depth 23 inches.

The upper part can be removed for transport.

Has been in the family 40 years or more, and is in very good condition.

It is completely free to the collector, from Ruthin in North Wales

SOLD Broad Reed Harmonium

Pressure harmonium with single set of reeds,
Needs repair to bellows.

Buyer collects from near Kidderminster
Price: 20 pounds - proceeds to church funds.


SOLD Apollo 2MP Reed Organ

"Apollo" Reed Organ , Rushworth & Dreaper 1930

Great: Violone 16 Open Diapason 8 Clarabella 8 Dulciana 8 Principal 4
Swell: Bourdon 16 Gamba 8 Flute 4 Oboe 8 Tremulant
Ped. : Subbass 16 Open Diapason 16
Normal couplers, Swell Octave

In good condition (case and action overhauled by organbuilder),
needs new wind engine / suction unit.
Price to be agreed.
To collect in Mechelen (Belgium).

VERY URGENT Free to Good Home Story & Clark Reed Organ

Story and Clark, Chicago, reed organ, which is approx. 120 years old. This instrument has been in our family for over 60 years.
It has the lovely pink porcelain stop knobs that were characterstic of Story & Clark.

Stops: left to right

Diapason 8FT
Viola 4FT
Dulcet 8FT
Bass Coupler
Bass Forte
Vox Humana
Treble Forte
Treble Coupler
Echo Horn 8FT
Celesle 8FT
Melodia 8FT

The organ measures approx 46 inches wide, 49 inches high and 24 inches deep and is quite heavy.

Although the organ still works and all the keys produce notes,
it hasn’t been played for a number of years, so would probably need some attention.
The cabinet is also in good condition.

The organ is located near Sutton, Surrey in Greater London, UK and would need to be collected.
It is on the ground floor and some assistance with loading may be available.

If you are interested please e-mail Jan asap

GONE Mason & Hamlin Reed Organ

Mason and Hamlin upright, sold to Augustine Church, Edinburgh, c1875
by Wightman & Son, Music Sellers, Edinburgh.
5-octave single keyboard, partly works but needs restoration.

Stops left to right;
3 Diapason Dolce
Eulian Harp
1 Diapason
2 Viola
Viola Dolce
Vox Humana
2 Flute
1 Melodia
Voix Celeste
Octave Coupler
3 Melodia Dolce

Harmonium in Edinburgh, ready for your collection


SOLD Mason & Hamlin Exhibition Model Style 501

Unique opportunity to purchase Mason & Hamlin Exhibition Model, Style 501, No.152787, built 1884.

The Style 501 is Mason & Hamlin's flagship suction instrument. This one is in a magnificent, probably unique,
case of satinwood veneer and solid mahogany,
most likely made especially for the London Inventions Exhibition of 1885.

It is in good tune and good playing order.
It can be seen and heard on YouTube at this address (click to open in new window)

Offers in the region of £2000 are invited.

Free to Good Home Clarabella Organ

Clarabella Organ made in Toronto.

Came from a chapel in Lechlade in the late 1970s. Needs some restoration.
Measurements are Height - 102cm (40ins) Width - 118cms (46ins) Depth 61cms (24ins)

Stops from left to right are:-
Diapason Bassoon Octave Coupler Forte Vox Humana
 Aeoline Vox Celeste Octave Coupler Delicato Clarabella

Please contact Kate:

(Bradford on Avon, nr Bath, UK)

Sold Bell Reed Organ
American Organ by W Bell of Guelph, Canada, case no 38797 date c. 1888.
American walnut case with burr veneer panels, measures 146 cm long, 69 cm deep, 135 cm high. Louvred swell back.
16 stops Viola 4, Diapason 8, Dolce 4, Violetta 2, Sub Bass 16, Octave coupler, Vox Humana, Forte, Viola 8, Aeoline 8, Euphone 16, Cremona 16, Echo 8, Celeste 8, Melodia 8, Flute 4. Last three stop lables not original.
Mellow round tone from qualifying tubes. All stops functional except Vox Humana,
and also one reed not working on diapason set.
I have rescued this organ which was found broken up for scrap and reconstructed it to playing order.
Music desk and upper fretwork panels retain signs of turbulent history!
Location Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, price £250.
Heavy item, buyer to collect please.

SOLD Trayser Two Manual Harmonium

Two manual Trayser of Stuttgart Harmonium, case no. 13644 dated c. 1868.
Measures 123 cm x 75cm deep x 104 cm tall with lid closed. 20 stops:
Forte, Sourdine, Vox Humaine, Basson, Clarion, Bourdon, Cor Anglais,
Percussion, Double Expression, Grand Jeu, Manual Coppel, Expression,
Percussion, Flute, Clarinette, Flageolet, Hautbois, Voix Celeste, Dolce Forte.
All stops functioning except perhaps Double Expression, loud bright tone.
Walnut case with hand carved details, good condition but some historic stressing to front lockrail.
Very heavy item, buyer to collect please!
Location Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees. Price £450.

GONE Estey Reed Organ

This beautiful Estey harmonium has been in our family for as long as I can remember
 but now it needs a new home.

It looks good and everything works as far as I can tell.
It has not been played for several years, however, and therefore may require some restoration work. 

Stops (left to right): 
Bass Coupler 
Viola 4 ft
Melodia 8 ft
Dolce 8 ft

I Forte
Vox Humana
II Forte
Dulciana 8 ft
Diapason 8 ft
Vox Jubilante 8 ft
Treble Coupler 
It measures approx. 42" wide x 46" high x 23" deep and is very heavy.

Free to collector.  Located in Wimbledon, London.

Opportunity Two Manual Mason & Hamlin Reed Organ for Restoration

Two years ago I acquired a Mason and Hamlin two manual reed organ. It was, and still is, in very poor condition, and completely unplayable as a result of complete failure of the wind system. It was stored in a barn for decades and hasn't been played to over fifty years. However, it is restorable, and it would be a great pity if I had to sell the keyboard manuals and reeds and destroy the rest of the instrument. And so I am offering it for restoration, subject to the kind of agreement given at the end of what follows..

I had every intention of restoring it, and stripped down the two keyboards and cleaned them. I also cleaned much of the key action system.

The organ has 10 stops, a coupler, and six ranks, most of 61 reeds each. I have removed the sound board and cleaned the reed support blocks One reed support block was quite damaged and was adrift from the sound board. I was hoping that a wood worker colleague would be able to repair the reed block, but he has been unable to do that so far.

The wind system was and still is, in very poor condition, and I have not had time even to examine it. It is not functioning at all, and so it requires extensive work.

Here is a picture I took before I started cleaning some of it:.      

I am in the South West of England. If anyone is interested in restoring and subsequently selling this instrument, I would be pleased to let them have it. I would expect to receive 20% of whatever is its final selling price.

Please contact Kenneth, in the first instance by email, if you'd like to take on this job.

Wanted Harmonium

Serious musician in Sweden looking for a pressure harmonium in good condition.
At least the standard four sets of reeds  (8/16/4/8), preferably more.

Please contact Lisa

Wanted Portable Reed Organ

Portable folding pump organ wanted preferably working but would also consider one that is in need of tlc.
I particularly like the old Yamaha model but am happy to consider similar and can collect within 200 miles or so of London.
Please contact James Clancy on 07846 113132  or by email  

For Sale Loring & Blake Reed Organ

Loring and Blake Palace Reed Organ, S/N 17795

This organ is registered with the Reed Organ Society - use the
registration number 5653 at http://www.reedsoc.org/Database/ROSIntro.asp

This organ is around 130 years old and the case is in fair condition.
Most of the keys and stops work, although some TLC will ensure they all
engage properly. There are some leaks, although it is playable (good
exercise if you're playing chords)!

Vox Humana

Height 130cm, width 116cm, depth 60cm (approximate).

Asking price £30, but negotiable.

Located in Sutton, Surrey.

Please contact Alex by email 

For Sale Story & Clark Reed Organ

We have a Story and Clark, Reed, Pedal Organ for sale.
This has been in my family for 65+ years.
100 year old wood (spinet) metal reed, pedal organ.

The item is about 100 years old and has been in my family since my parents arrived in SF in the late 1940's.
The instrument is a  "pedal powered" organ like a giant harmonica
using metal reeds to produce sound and a eleven "stops"
to mimic different voices or instruments.
Story and Clark were piano and organ builders located in Chicago.
The cabinet has carved wood and the keys ivory.
It has the distinctive pink ceramic Story & Clark stop knobs:

Bass Forte

Bass Coupler
Echo Horn
Vox Humana
Treble Coupler
Treble Forte


The general condition is very good, but there are a few cosmetic scratches, 

a water mark and a missing screw on the top lid.  Woodwork is all original
and in good condition - see pictures.

Locted in Palo Alto CA, USA.
Offers around $500.

Email to
Eben  or call +1 650 493-7209 or +1 650 279-8722 cell

SOLD Karn Reed Organ

D.W. Karn & Co. Parlour Reed Organ, with Mouse Proof Pedals
Style 7B model, number 20993, made in Woodstock, Canada c.1890
Dimensions are as follows:
Height fully assembled: 201 cm (79 in.)
Height with decorative top removed: 126 cm (49.5 in.)
Width: 124.5 cm (49 in.)  Depth: 61 cm (24 in.)

I need to find a home for this handsome example of an American Parlour Reed Organ. Its been in my life since I bought it in c.1965 from the original owner's daughter - a Victorian photographer.

It is in full working order. All 16 stops are still working and the great organ and knee swells are fully functioning. The pedal's springs still spring and the bellows have plenty of puff and finally the "mouse proof pedals" still proudly display in cast metal their anti-vermin guarantee - always a talking point. Two original tools for removing reeds are included.

Several of the Black keys are heavily worn by the original owner's hand but it is still perfectly playable. One of the candle stands needs a simple minor repair it is currently detached from its post. Some re-varnishing touching up would benefit it but it is relatively minor and as would be expected for an instrument of such an age, but overall the case is very presentable. No doubt full restoration would improve it but unlike many examples being offered this one works as it stand now and sound sweet to the ear.

The stops from left to right are as follows:

Bass coupler
Diapason 8 ft
Piano 8 ft
Viola 4 ft
Viola D'Amour 4 ft
Sub Bass 16 ft
Diapason Forte
Vox Jubilante
Viola Forte
Cremona 16 ft
Violincello 16 ft
Vox Angelica 8 ft
Flute 4 ft
Dolce 8 ft
Principal 8 ft
Treble Coupler

The elaborately decorated upper part with its sheet music holder is easily completely removable making transportation more straightforward.

I am located in South East London in SE24

to Good Home Two Manual and Pedal Reed Organ

 'UNIVERSITY ORGAN'. Manufacturer possibly Albert Wagstaff or A.J. Spencer
(see http://tardis.dl.ac.uk/FreeReed/organ_book/node14.html for the history)
with mains-powered exhauster, perhaps dating from the 1930s.



Diapason 8
(Dulciana 8') name-plate missing
Trombone 16'
Stopped Diapason 8' (but this is a spurious name-plate, probably Principal 4')
Forte I


(Great to Pedals) name-plate missing
Bourdon 16'
Sub Bass 16'


(oboe 8') name-plate missing
Voix Celeste 8'
Salicional 8'
Vox humana
Forte II
Flute 4'

Couplers left:

swell to great
sub octave gt.
super octave gt.

This instrument plays (and the exhauster functions) but clearly suffers from many years' neglect in a long-deserted church in Cardiff.
I can send half a dozen more photos to enquirers and a sound file of the instrument being played.
The building in the which the instrument sits is to be bulldozed in mid-April or possibly earlier.


Acquirer collects please! The organ is in a gallery and may have to be partially dismantled to get it down the stairs.

SOLD Mason and Hamlin Reed Organ

Good home needed for Mason & Hamlin organ. Thought to be built circa late 1890s and known to have been in the same family most of the time since then - apart from some years on loan to local chapels/churches on Romney Marsh during the war and up until 1980s when it was returned/rescued to the family and lovingly restored.

The 12 stops are as follows (left to right):

Forte Dia.Mel.
Octave Coupler
Sub Base
1 Diapason
2 Viola
Viola Dolce
Vox Humana
2 Flute
1 Melodia
Voix Celeste
Forte Vio.Fl.Ser.

It is now living near Woking, Surrey and can be collected from there.

Asking price is £50 - going to a loving home or being part of a keyboard collection would be a fitting place for this lovely instrument.

Sold Two Manual Mustel Harmonium

Rare opportunity to purchase an unusual and high class instrument.

This instrument was once owned by Ralph Downes  and is mentioned in his autobiography. Restoration work was carried out by Cambridge Reed Organs and this included a complete overhaul of the winding and re-leathering. The case is in ebonised mahogany.

Photos available of restoration in progress.

Location: Worcester UK


Manual 1
Bourdon 16 (Bass)
Cor Anglais 8 (Bass)
Cor Anglais (Bass /percussion) 8
Bourdon 16 (Treble)
Cor Anglais 8 (Treble)
Cor Anglais 8 (Treble percussion)
Voix Celeste 8

Prolongement (Bass)

Manual 2
Cromorne 32
Contre Basson 16
Basson 8
Clairon 4
Harpe Eolienne 8

Forte Expressif
Grand Jeu
Forte fixe
Prolongement (Treble)

Knee-swell to both manuals
Accouplement des claviers


Gone Thomas Organ Company pump organ

Manufactured in Woodstock, Canada in 1892.
Serial No. 14212 and certificate of authenticity.
In good original working order.

Located in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire

All offers considered.  

Many thanks.


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